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Run A Food Drive

How You Can Help Organize a Food Drive

Food drives play an important role in MVFB&ES mission to alleviate hunger. Schools, businesses, youth groups, service organizations, theater and arts groups, places of worship, neighborhoods, groups of friends and families have all conducted successful food drives to benefit local people at risk of hunger, and so can you!

Ideas for Food Drives and Fund Raisers

  • Grocery Store Campaign (see below)
  • Businesses: Donate a portion of a day's profits or provide matching gifts, Designate donation days such as Macaroni Monday, Tuna Tuesday, etc., sponsor inter office competition
  • Car Wash
  • Group Challenges Offer rewards and incentives for friendly competition between groups/schools/offices, etc.
  • Raffles
  • Garage Sale
  • Lemonade Stands
  • Groups/Organizations-Collect donations at scheduled gatherings, special events
  • Collect monetary donations or gifts of food at Birthday, Holiday or Anniversary Parties
  • The possibilities are endless!

Tips for a Successful Food Drive

Plan Ahead:
  • Get your team committed to the drive. Don't forget friends and neighbors as important team members. For businesses and organizations, include senior management, administrators, organization officers, teachers, etc .
  • Choose a theme or catchy name for your drive (see below)
  • You may choose to set or surpass a previous goal for how many pounds, how many items or the dollar amount you strive to collect.
Promote the Drive:
  • Schedule a fun kick-off event.
  • Educate your group about the issue of hunger
  • Decorate containers to hold donated items.
  • Place posters and flyers in highly visible places.
  • Distribute memos or send letters to parents, neighbors, area businesses, etc.
  • Set up a collection schedule to collect certain types of food on specific days or during designated weeks.
  • Provide each person with a bag to fill with food and/or a shopping list
  • For ongoing events, issue reminders throughout the drive.
Thank the Participants:
  • Certificates of appreciation.
  • Thank you cards or letters.
  • Throw a party to celebrate your successful food drive.
Theme ideas for Food Drives
  • 'Tons of Tuna'
  • 'Oodles of Noodles'
  • 'MEAT the need'
  • 'Giving from the Heart' Valentine's Day
  • 'Hunger doesn't take a Vacation' Summer
  • 'Take a bite out of Hunger'
  • 'The Power of Change' cash jar sign
  • 'Trick or Trunk', 'Treat' your neighbor, 'Dare to Care' Halloween
  • Wash Away Hunger Car wash
  • Christmas in July
  • Create Your Own!
Contact Store Manager
  • Ask permission to hold a drive at their location. Corporate approval may be required.
  • Provide detailed information regarding your plan: date, time, theme, youth supervision, etc
  • For item specific drives, discuss items sought
  • Ask to place labels with requested items for shoppers ease
Items you might need
  • Donation collection containers
  • Signage
  • Container for cash donations
  • Table and chairs
  • Optional Flyers/posters/theme props and decorations
  • Suggested Donation lists, if applicable
  • MVFB&ES literature, as desired
  • Upon your arrival, check in with the store manager on duty
  • Remember that you are serving as ambassadors for our food bank 
  • Occasionally walk through the store, picking up discarded shopping lists
  • Greet customers warmly and without pressure to donate
  • Promotion/collection tables must be manned at all times
  • Youth volunteers must have adult supervision at all times
  • Thank donors for their gifts
  • Check out with the store manager on duty at the drive's completion
  • Write a thank you note to the store manager within the week
  • Prearrange your donation delivery date and time with MVFB&ES
What to Donate

See Always Needed Food and Hygiene Items 

*Printable Shopping List is also available.

Delivering the Food to MVFB&ES

Because MVFB&ES relies on volunteer labor, we consider delivery of the collected food to the MVFB&ES warehouse as part of your donation. Our warehouse is open to receive deliveries during our Business and Donation Hours (right). Please contact us to make delivery arrangements before you come. Donation receipts available on request.

Thank you in advance for your time, energy and creativity. As a result of your leadership and interest, you have helped many people in need.

Contact Us

To arrange for your delivery of food or additional help with planning your food drive, email or call (425) 432-8139, ext 101.

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